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If you're new to this website, you're looking for something - perhaps you're looking for information about Energy Kinesiology - this wonderful way of taking care of yourself. Or perhaps you're a practitioner of complementary medicine looking to learn these time-tested modalities and techniques. You may be a practicing Energy Kinesiologist who wants to connect with your colleagues of all modalities around the world, and work toward professional Certification.

  • Discover Energy Kinesiology and find a practitioner near you
  • Learn about our organization, ways to become involved, and raise your professional status through certification
  • Explore our member services like how you can list your classes for free
  • Get up-to-date information about our annual conference
  • Download the quarterly newsletter, chock full of information about Energy Kinesiology and about managing your practice
  • Find out how to attain accreditation for your classes

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The Energy Kinesiology Association

EnKA® is a non-profit individual group membership organization dedicated to enriching, educating and empowering Energy Kinesiologist students, practitioners, teachers and innovators.

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