Ron Wayman

Ronald Wayman - President

Ronald Wayman, CEnK3, is our amazing President! He takes a lot of time from his incredibly busy schedule to take care of EnKA business. He has been a part of EnKA for many years, and we are so lucky to have him in this position at this time!

Kim Dudley – VP Conferences

Kim comes to us with a great deal of organizational experience. We’re excited to make use of her skills! She’s excited to explore some fresh, new ideas for future conferences, and invites you to join the conference committee, in order to create even more magic for us all!

Allison Moser - Treasurer

Allison comes to us with a lot of experience on other Boards. She comes from a background of  Healing Touch and Touch for Health. We’re excited to have her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Yvonne Mughal - Secretary

Yvonne has a background in Emotional balancing and Empowerlife Integration. She enjoys helping people heal through recognizing the archetypes they are manifesting.

Kathie Guhl

Kathie Guhl - Advisory Board

Kathie has served the Energy Kinesiology Association for many, many years, as President, Conference Chair and CAB chair. She is now a valuable member of our newly created Advisory Board. We appreciate her willingness to continue her association with us.

Tina Baker

Tina Baker, Ethics Committee Chair, CAB Committee

As Chair of the Ethics Committee, Tina has the responsibility of educating our members of their ethical requirements. She must be doing an amazing job, because we never seem to receive any complaints about our practitioners!

Joan Smalley

Joan Smalley, CAB Chair

Joanie has been handling the Accreditation part of CAB for several years, and is now happily part of the CAB committee! CAB is one of the biggest jobs in EnKA, and we welcome anyone who may be interested to join us!