The Energy Kinesiology Association Certification and Accreditation Board has developed criteria to qualify your classes for inclusion in our list of classes approved for members seeking Professional Certification. In addition, EnKA certifies the Instructors of these modalities. Our accreditation and certification policy lends credibility to classes, teachers, students and practitioners in the field of health and wellness. The process and requirements set standards of excellence in course content and in teaching.

Classes qualify for one of three categories: A, B or Elective.


In addition, special classes are accredited for required subjects of nutrition, ethics, communication and marketing.

Download the list of Accredited classes to gain a sense of the categories, then begin the application process to get your class accredited. You can send a check, or use PayPAL.

CAB Accredited Courses by Category  

Your class isn’t Accredited yet?

Get started today – attract more students to your classes and help us set the standard for education in our profession!

To submit a course for Accreditation:

  1. Download Accreditation Packets Part One and Two.
  2. Determine which Category Courses you will submit.
  3. Download Category A, B or Elective Forms.
  4. Download Teacher/Class Evaluation Form
  5. Fill out packet
  6. Submit to
  7. Contact for payment of fees
Accreditation Package Part One  
Teacher/Class Evaluation Form
Accreditation Packet Part Two
Catagory A Submission Form
Catagory B Submission Form
Elective Submission Form