We are pleased to announce

The winner of the 2016 EnKA scholarship:

Jennifer Watson

from Newport Beach, California. 

Like many, Jennifer has been led to the Healing Arts by personal difficulty and life altering experiences. Her interest in Energy Kinesiology comes from her personal study, as well as through  facilitation and mentoring by Virginia Colwell. Formerly from the world of Sales and Marketing, she was a personal trainer for many years, until she realized that the most relevant and heart affirming path she could take would be to enter the arena of Healing Facilitator.

In Jennifer’s words:

When I have a conversation or spend time with a person I like to drop the love bomb.  The love bomb leaves people: feeling inspired, loved, a better version of themselves.  This is my gift to the world, dropping love bombs.

How to drop a love bomb:

*Open your heart and shower every bit of love and passion for life you have on that person

*Point out the beautiful and positive


*Point to what is hopeful about the future

*Embrace lessons learned from the past

There is no exact formula.  Every encounter is unique.  It is a state of mind of love and compassion.  Caring for my vibration and frequency so that when I share space with someone else they benefit from my frequency.


My prayer is that every cell in my body will vibrate in the frequency of love and that the essence of heaven will flow through my veins.


Currently I reside in Newport Beach, California with my two sons Grant (21) and Liam (16).

Informing the Winner!