Kathie Guhl

Kathie Guhl - President

Kathie has served the Energy Kinesiology Association for many, many years, as President, Conference Chair and CAB chair. She is now a valuable member of our newly created Advisory Board. We appreciate her willingness to continue her association with us.

Elizabeth Beckham - VP Membership

Elizabeth is the friendly voice you’ll hear on the phone from time to time. She is always willing to help you out with any issues you may have with membership. Please feel free to contact her, she loves to talk to people!

Yvonne Mughal - VP Conference

Yvonne comes to us with a background in Emotional balancing and Empowerlife Integration. She has lots of ideas and a new vision for the future of our association.

Jill Allbrandt

Jill Allbrandt - Secretary 1

Jill has served EnKA as President, and in many other capacities for many years. She has agreed to be a part of the Board in an advisory position, and we are really happy to continue to benefit from her experience and knowledge.

Vicki Thorpe - Secretary 2

EnKA Member - Default

Cathy Layland - Treasurer

Cathy is a past president of EnKA. She is very generous with her time, and is extremely gifted with communication. She creates several wonderful newsletters per year, as well as email communications to keep us all on the same page.

Joan Smalley

Joan Smalley - Director

Joanie has been working with CAB – Certification and Accreditation for several years. She is the one who approves classes, and who will approve your Certification packet. CAB is one of the biggest jobs in EnKA, and we welcome anyone who may be interested to join us!

Christopher Stockwell - Director