Kathie Guhl

Kathie Guhl, President

Kathie Guhl started her private practice in 1988 and has been working in Energy Kinesiology ever since.  She worked for two years in Melbourne, Australia, consulting with child psychologists, neurologists and other leading energy kinesiologists to develop a balancing technique aimed at relieving dyslexia and learning difficulties. She has also worked with top professionals in the field of child abuse and neglect, and presently works with victims to relieve the associated emotional trauma.  Ms. Guhl is the founder of Bridges Kinesiology and co-founder of The BrainWave Organization. A graduate of the Institute of Applied Physiology in Arizona, and Three In One Concepts in California, and she was an instructor for both modalities.  Ms. Guhl has written eighteen original workshops in the field of energy kinesiology, and has taught in Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States. Currently she combines a private practice with teaching throughout the United States and Europe.

Elizabeth Beckham, Vice President of Membership

Elizabeth Beckham lives in San Antonio, Texas and continues to serve as the Vice President of Membership with the Energy Kinesiology Association. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Myofascial Release Therapist, a Reiki Practitioner, a Touch For Health Practitioner and a Certified Energy Kinesiologist Level 1.  She enjoys working with people and helping them take responsibility for their health and well-being.

Hope Bautista, Treasurer

Hope Bautista comes with Treasurer experience from other Boards.
Hope began learning about energy medicine just as many practitioners do, through an illness of her own.  While working as a computer analyst after college with plans to attain an MBA, her studies were interrupted by debilitating pain. In the process of finding solutions, she became interested in Energy Medicine. Hope has since taken courses with many internationally renown teachers of healing and intuition, confident energy medicine will transform health care in the 21st century.

Jill Allbrandt

Jill Allbrandt, Secretary

Jill lives in Virginia. She has been involved with the EnKA Board for about eight years, having served as President, Director, and on the Advisory Board. Jill started her practice in 2003 with a foundation of 1000+ hours of training and is certified as an Instructor of Touch for Health and Applied Physiology. Jill is currently working primarily with Quantum Field Clearing which clears the negative energy in the energy field that is produced by various relationships, thoughts, body parts … all aspects of being. Prior to entering the world of Energy Kinesiology, Jill trained in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a Process Engineer for ten years, which honed her skills in procedure writing and document review. She volunteers on a local Community Hall Association as Vice President. She has in the last few years she has taken up knitting and spinning fibers.

Allison Moser, CAB Chair

Allison Moser is an Energy Practitioner and has a private practice in Boone, NC.  Allison integrates Energy Kinesiology into her practice as a Healing Touch and Reiki Practitioner. She is also a Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner and a Touch for Health and Reiki Instructor. Allison believes that an energy-based approach to health and wellness creates the optimal environment for the body’s innate healing to occur — and that the work done in her sessions to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system promotes healing for the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

Cathy Layland, Director

Cathy Layland practices Energy Kinesiology in Philadelphia, PA. She offers private sessions for people seeking to reach balance in physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and energetic levels of being. To help her clients establish their own good habits of self-care, Cathy teaches yoga and tai chi, chi kung and meditation. Teaching and Healing is the work of her heart and spirit. Her intention is to create a safe and supportive environment, a healing place which is not so much a physical space but rather a state of being, and to foster the experience of growth and balance. Cathy has worked in creative, business, and and project management in advertising and marketing.

Vicki Thorpe, Director

Vicki Thorpe graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Communications.  She worked in public relations for banks and other organizations, and in developing interfaith resources for homeless disadvantaged families. She has been active as a volunteer in coaching, and has developed her own coaching program and business.  Vicki received her Facilitator Certification at The Institute of Healing Arts, started her own business with emotional release therapy, and taught at the Institute.

She received her Jin Shin Jyutsu Certification, which she incorporates into her practice. Vicki continues her Energy Kinesiology training with Sensory Dynamics.

Yvonne Mughal, Director

Yvonne Mughal holds a Master of Accounting degree from the University of Utah. Studying and practicing Energy Kinesiology for the past 6 years, her passion is to help others to be whole, to be true to themselves, and to be the amazing individuals that they are. Through her own journey of healing and self-discovery she has learned different modalities to help people release negativity and stress, connect to their divine essence and personal creativity, and become the radiant and joyful Beings that they truly are.


Jeff Rodarmel, Director

Jeff comes to the EnKA association with a background in Customer Service.   He will be assisting with some of the website updates, and is very much looking forward to working with the EnKA community.
Jeff has experience in providing support for software application configurations, troubleshooting, data migrations, enhancements, upgrades and providing administrator user guidance in the U.S., but also in Canada, Mexico and the U.K

Joan Smalley

Joan Smalley, Advisory Board