Here are a few ways you can get involved, give back, form lasting associations and friendships
through your commitment to your profession, your association, and service to humanity.
Board of Directors

Diversity is the key to a well-rounded Board of Directors. We’re always looking for people, members and non-members alike, to serve on the board – why not you!

Finance Committee

Are book-keeping and finance your thing? The Finance Committee is a great way to get involved with the Association’s ongoing functions.

Membership & Outreach

In many ways, the Membership Committee is the heart of the organization – the door at which potential and new members are greeted.

Member Support

Members created and coordinate these tools for the education and professional support of all members. What’s your area of expertise? Member Support Inquiry in progress, or share your skills via a new member service of your creation!

Guest Speaker Program

(formerly 1st Thursdays) This guest speaker program features notable Energy Kinesiologists and specialists of other complimentary medicine practices, communication and marketing experts, and more.

Would you like to be a guest speaker, nominate a guest speaker, or host an interview?

Get Published!

Learn how to publish your writing on WebZines and printed publications. Follow these hints to get your article published and to get it read, improve your writing style, spread the word about Energy Kinesiology and lead new clients to your business. (this new resource is under development and will be available soon!)

Speaker Kit

Learn how to get speaking engagements in your community to spread the word about Energy Kinesiology and lead new clients to your business. Polish your public speaking skills. Prepare your presentation from one of several abstracts of a few Energy Kinesiology public interest topics, or create your own. (this new resource is under development and will be available soon!)


All hands on deck to plan and oversee the annual conference. You can help out with registration, accommodations, hotel, banquet, speakers, workshops, vendors, publicity. Contact the Conference Chairperson today!


The Certification and Accreditation Board is the brains behind our professional certification process. It takes many hands to do this work, and more are always welcome!


Website Content Mgr.

Join our efforts in managing this site! We use an easy, free software that works similarly to WORD – No coding required, it’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)! We’d love your help in keeping the web site up-to-date and growing it for the future! Contact us to join the website team!

Quarterly Newsletter

Newsletter team Cathy Layland welcomes writers, photographers, illustrators, editors…

E-mail Bulletins

A keystone of our communication and member support – periodic e-mailed bulletins to membership to keep them informed, up to date and excited about their work, the world of Energy Kinesiology and the organization!