EnKA Organizational Membership is an opportunity for all Branches of Energy Kinesiology and related modalities, Schools, and Organizations to work together for the common good of the profession and the common goal of bringing Balance to the world. Through dialogue amongst Kinesiology branches and related modalities, schools and groups, everyone gains a wider understanding of the scope of our work.
Members of the Organizational Membership category have a forum for discussion of shared interests and concerns, and an opportunity to inform and influence the development of the field. Together we have a greater presence, a bigger voice, a higher profile – to increase public awareness, maintain a high level of professionalism for practitioners, teachers and organizations, and address government and legal issues.

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Innersource - Donna Eden

Energy Medicine is based on the principle that the health of body, mind, and spirit are anchored in the body’s energy systems. Health problems can be diminished, and often overcome, by intelligently shifting the energies that maintain them. And by keeping your energies balanced and humming, you increase your vitality, effectiveness, and joy in life!