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While your membership signals commitment to your work and to your profession, with increased professional commitment, you can attain certification – chronicling and displaying your determination to remain current with your profession.

Would you like to become a Certified Professional?

The Certification and Accreditation Board establishes education levels of Energy Kinesiologists. Each Certification Level requires a number of hours of education from the list of classes accredited by EnKA® CAB. Members are certified at 3 levels –Level 1, beginner; Level 2, demonstrated growth; and Level 3, advanced.

Let’s get started! It’s as easy as

1. Download Certification Packet and Accredited Course list

Certification Packet

You can find a list of accredited classes on each of the class category pages.

2. Fill out the forms, and submit

Scan your completed application and send to cab[at]
(change [at] to @ before you send the email)

3. Make payment

CEnK Level 1 Application:
$50 + $100 professional level fee = $150

$150.00Add to cart

CEnK Level 2 Application:
$100 + $100 professional level fee = $200

$200.00Add to cart

CEnK Level 3 Application:
$150 + $100 professional level fee = $250

$250.00Add to cart

Once your application has been processed and approved, you will be notified of your success and receive your new CEnK Certificate by mail. This certificate will be good until your Membership Anniversary Date. The EnKA VP Membership will forward a letter regarding your new membership status and when that fee is due. Thereafter, all CEnK certificates will be good for one year.


Your membership signals commitment to your work and to your profession.

Certification demonstrates your commitment to Continuing Education and Professional advancement.

Professional Insurance

EnKA requires every EnKA® member to have Individual Professional Liability insurance. This insurance will indemnify the practitioner from lawsuits for malpractice and/or any claim anyone may make regarding mistakes or injury to their clients.  It is the same insurance required by the landlord when a practitioner rents an office. It can be obtained from Associated Bodywork and Massage Professions or other insurance outlets at a very reasonable cost per year.