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Date(s) - 09/01/2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Price: 525

Class will be available virtually: Yes
Class will be recorded for later viewing: Yes

Certified? Yes

Organizer: Tara Jensen
Teacher: Jacque Mooney

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Applied Physiology

Basket Weaver and Can Opener (3 days)

Presented by Jacque Mooney


Applied Physiology is a living paradigm that can empower human beings, assist in healing the human body and nurture the human spirit, because it provides a powerful holographic model that unites the physical body with the metaphysical body.  The result can be physical homeostasis and spiritual harmony.

 It is often classified within the investigative and healing field as a type of Specialized Kinesiology because information about the body’s energy condition and vitality are gathered through a series of muscle observations usually referred to as “muscle monitoring”. This technique is an avenue of communication between a trained Stress Observation Specialist (SOS) of Applied Physiology and the unseen biological and or spiritual world of the client.

Applied Physiology allows one to:

  • Peer deeply and non-invasively into the body and identify areas of imbalance and stress in organs, tissues and cells.
  • Restore balance and vitality to all aspects of the body through a combination of powerful holographic tools and techniques.
  • Empower individuals to manifest balanced energy flow and create physical and metaphysical health.

Each student will be provided with a workbook that is colour coordinated for easy referencing.  This system, designed by Richard D. Utt, significantly helps to simplify the complex acupressure therapy and provides the student with great educational tools.  Applied Physiology is a powerful and effective form of energetic healing which can be easily incorporated into a wide range of other healing practices.


Applied Physiology Holograms

ATTITUDE WITH ESSENCE Hologram – note: this course is a pre-requisite for the Can Opener/ Basket Weaver course, has been pre-recorded and is available to do via online videos prior to attending the Basket Weaver/ Can Opener course. Please see additional registration form.

This two day workshop introduces us to the concept of Ohm’s Law (law of electricity) and its relationship to the Holographic Super-theory.  Individuals understand their reality through observance of these laws.  This reality is manifested through their attitudes, thoughts and feelings. The conscious, subconscious, and unconscious are stimulated by means of positive affirmations, flower essences, and the sound vibrations of tuning forks to unlock hidden memory.  Clients can claim responsibility for their reality once their attitudes come to the surface as beta-level recall. 

They can alter life-long patterns in which they have reacted rather than choosing to respond with love. Observing this process brings a new dimension to the work of the practitioner of Applied Physiology. This process brings clarity to the client concerning their distresses, enabling release from negative mental states. A positive change then results in their lives.

CAN OPENER mini course (Pre-requisites – Attitude with Essence)

This first day of the combined workshop will enable you to understand and identify the stages of acute, compensated and chronic or degenerative stress. “Clearing” these stresses from each Meridian-related Hologram often results in profound improvements in the function of meridian-related organs. This procedure is highly effective with specific organ related problems and is excellent for enabling the Practitioner to focus on and clear stress in a specific organ related issue independently. We look at each specific meridian and its relationship to all of the other meridians.

This blockage in energy flow can be balanced by the use of flower essences, colour, light or deep touch acupressure, sound, and affirmations from the Attitude with Essence course. We will also be able to utilize corrections learned in the Basket Weaver course – change your “can’t” into “can”!

BASKET WEAVER (Pre-requisite – Attitude with Essence)

These 2 days of the workshop introduce four new exciting holographic models. The Acu-Touch hologram enables the practitioner to pinpoint precisely the area of the body to touch and the type of nurturing touch to apply.  Hand and foot reflexology holograms are introduced to enhance body energy detoxification.   The Basket Weaver program allows the practitioner to jump meridian to meridian stitching client’s broken energies back together.  The approach helps clients develop self- mastery.  The finale to this holographic model shows the genealogy model and how individuals bring energies into this lifetime from previous generations.


Basket Weaver and Can Opener – (3 days)

Instructor: Jacque Mooney


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For more information, or to register your interest, please contact:

Australia/Asia: Jacque Mooney – Ph: 0419 336 586

USA/Canada: Tara Jensen – Ph: +1 (801) 755 1725


Your Trainer Jacque Mooney:
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I began my kinesiology journey in 1991 wth Dr Charles Krebs focussing on the Applied Physiology teachings of Richard Utt and the LEAP Brain Integration Program.

Applied Physiology is the crown jewel of the healing modalities.  Richard’s depth of wisdom and understanding concerning healing the body and how we are wired was limitless. After doing advanced Applied Physiology workshops with Richard, he invited me to come to Tucson, Arizona to work with him and train to teach his work.

I became an International presenter, Facilitator and Instructor Trainer for Applied Physiology, LEAP Brain Integration/ LEAP Foundation Training, SIPS 1 and have authored my own course, ‘Simply the Brain 1 – Introduction to the Brain.’

Quote “All Encompassing Love = the total and complete acceptance and implementation of all physical and metaphysical laws of the universe known or unknown.”  Richard D. Utt