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Date(s) - 03/04/2022 - 03/06/2022
All Day

Price: $580.00

Class will be available virtually: Yes
Class will be recorded for later viewing: Yes

Certified? Yes

Organizer: Tara Jensen
Teacher: Robert Hasinger

Contact Tara Jensen to Register 801-755-1725


“Mayan Wisdom”
BLP Level 3 is coming!
Give yourself the chance to dive into a totally new dimension in the work with the Beamer Light Pen!
Joining this dive into Mayan Wisdom you will learn how to apply the Mayan Spiritual Calendar to your work with your clients. You will also have the possibility to take your work one step further into “Energy Coaching”. An extremely interesting course you will absolutely love!
           Mayan Wisdom
We will explore the extraordinary Mayan culture. A culture of harmony, integration of human life on this planet, but also a culture of understanding the galactic and universal dimension and its integration with the individual.
Actually, that is the knowledge and wisdom they have transmitted through their Sacred Calendar, the Tzolkin. Giving us an incredible map, a map which allows us to synchronize ourselves and our actions, but also our work, our projects, the work with our patients and clients with the great harmonic cycles which govern the universe.
You will learn the deeper meaning of the Mayan Glyphs, understand the Mayan Tones and how to calculate the Mayan Wave – the real life dimensions for the individual.
Applying the information from this course you will be able to work with whole areas of a person’s life with the Beamer Light Pen Energy.

Course Times are as follows:
       The investment for this course is
    discounted for you from US$ 700,00
                           to only
                       US$ 580,00!