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Date(s) - 12/08/2020 - 12/12/2020
All Day

Price: &1175//repeats $795 plus materials

Class will be available virtually: Yes
Class will be recorded for later viewing: Yes

Certified? Yes

Organizer: Tara Jensen. @ 801-755-1725.
Teacher: Jacque Mooney



This class is being taught from Australia. You can attend live, via the internet, and/or, you can view recordings of the classes on your own schedule.

About the Teacher: Jacque Mooney
Professional Kinesiology Practitioner since 1992 and Australian Faculty Member, innovative developer and international instructor. Certificate of Applied Physiology
Dip. Health Sciences – Holistic Kinesiology Level 6 Member AKA Adv Cert LEAP, STB, SIPS, N.S.T., N.O.T. Bowen Practitioner Board Member AKACAB (Course Accreditation Board) past Board Member AKAPRB (Practitioner Registration Board) Member ATMS (Australian Traditional Medical Society)

Prerequisites: Brain Integration 1 required; Brain integration 2 & 3 recommended

What Can I Learn?: Core Concepts of Neurology of the Memory and Working Memory Systems:

• Types of Memory

• Role of Reward and Punishment in Memory Formation

• Mechanisms of Memory Storage and Retrieval

• Balancing Exam Stress or “Blanking Out” on an issue

• Balancing Reward and Punishment Hippocampal Functions

• Balancing Hippocampus and Drive

• Balancing Hippocampal Internal Memory Circuit

• Balancing Working Memory

• Balancing Memory Issues with Working Memory Formats

• Assessing and Correcting Forward and Backward Digit Span

• Indicators of Potential Brain Damage

• Kinesiological Formats for Limbic and Cortical areas involved Memory

• The Reward & Punishment Systems controlling Memory

• The Brain Integration Correction Protocol, including the Memory Systems

• Application of the BI Correction Protocol to correct Auditory & Visual Short-term Memories

• Applications of the above in Clinical Situations