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Date(s) - 07/07/2021 - 07/10/2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Price: $675

Class will be available virtually: Yes
Class will be recorded for later viewing: Yes

Certified? Yes

Organizer: Tara Jensen
Teacher: Jacque Mooney

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Take a QUANTUM LEAP in Understanding how to Correct and resolve blocks that affect life-long learning issues.


LEAP Training – is a multi-module Learning Experience that will help you change many people’s lives by disclosing the real “Cause” of Specific Life and Learning Difficulties and providing a Step-by-Step approach to their Resolution.


LEAP FT 1 provides you with an understanding of the LEAP Model of Brain Integration, an introduction to neurology and an overview of structure and function of the Brain. Learn first how to work with the Amygdala, the Sentinel of our Survival System. We then progress to uncover & resolve Survival Switching and Deep Survival Switching with Psychological Reversal and balance the Celestial Circuit, both totally unique LEAP procedures developed by Dr. Charles Krebs. This provides a broad-based balance of the energetic & physical brain structures and functions, integrating and balancing many areas of brain function in one balance.


This module is a must for all general Kinesiology practitioners to enhance your results in clinical practice.


Based on the hierarchy of brain function involved with the Brain Integration process and the impact that Stress has on the learning process, LEAP has been recommended by psychologists, teachers, and other health care professionals because it consistently produces improvements measurable by standard psychological tests.

LEAP provides a powerful way to set up the body biocomputer for correction using Applied Physiology formatting from the Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain course.


LEAP teaches you HOW to correct life and learning problems, WHAT you need to correct, and the ORDER the corrections need to be made. Both theoretical and clinical considerations will be covered in detail with regard to each assessment and correction procedure presented. Once the relevant imbalance is on the biocomputer, each practitioner will then correct it with the skills they have available.


Learning problems are not limited to school children – if you have problems in any area of your life that you are not able to resolve – this is a Learning problem.


LEAP is a way to open your clients to a new way of seeing and resolving stress in their lives!




LEAP Foundation Training 1 includes:


  1. An introduction to Brain structure and function.
  2. Gestalt and Logic “Lead” functions.
  3. The Amygdala Fear/Pain Control Circuit (our Survival
  4. Deep Survival Switching – the cause of delayed language
    development, Psychological Reversals and Conflicts.
  5. Blocked Corpus Callosum Pathways
    that can cause the loss of Brain Integration and affect our
          ability to resolve challenges rather than react to them.
  6. Celestial Circuit – under stress, we sometime split off or dissociate so it can be difficult to locate imbalances.                       Aligns all our energy structures so we balance to a core,         stable energy system.



Pre-LEAP Online Tutorial, Applied Physiology Hologram Series, Touch for Health 1-4, or other Kinesiology courses that will give you strong corrective techniques. LEAP teaches you how to access, format and work with Specific Learning dysfunction but requires you to utilize your repertoire of skills for correction.

LEAP FOUNDATION Training 1 (LEAP-FT 1) – 4 days


LEAP Instructor:     Jacque Mooney



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Course Venue: Live on ZOOM with Jacque & will be recorded
Please make sure you have Zoom downloaded onto your computer ahead of time!!


                           Course times:

Australia – East Coast (AEST)   9am – 6pm

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For all USA/Canada course enquiries –
Please contact Tara Jensen: 801-755-1725

For all Australia/Asia course enquiries –
Please contact Jacque Mooney:  0419 336 586