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Date(s) - 04/29/2022 - 05/01/2022
5:00 pm - 2:00 am

Price: 525

Class will be available virtually: Yes
Class will be recorded for later viewing: Yes

Certified? Yes

Organizer: Tara Jensen
Teacher: Jacque Mooney

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The Amazing Memory Systems


BI 4 is where we look at the different types of memory, how we get the information into our memory systems, where and how we store it and, most importantly – how do we recall it when we need it! We also look at the challenges that emotions cause us where learning and recall are concerned.

We have fantastic charts to help you find your way around these systems – they tell you not only where to go, but what each area does – invaluable! Come and join us!


What you will learn in Brain Integration 4:   


Core Concepts of Neurology of the Memory and Working Memory Systems:

  • Types of Memory
  • Role of Reward and Punishment in Memory Formation
  • Mechanisms of Memory Storage and Retrieval
  • Balancing Exam Stress or “Blanking Out” on an issue
  • Balancing Reward and Punishment Hippocampal Functions
  • Balancing Hippocampus and Drive
  • Balancing Hippocampal Internal Memory Circuit
  • Balancing Working Memory
  • Balancing Memory Issues with Working Memory Formats
  • Assessing and Correcting Forward and Backward Digit Span
  • Indicators of Potential Brain Damage
  • Kinesiological Formats for Limbic and Cortical areas involved in Memory
  • The Reward & Punishment Systems controlling Memory
  • The Brain Integration Correction Protocol, including the Memory Systems
  • Application of the BI Correction Protocol to correct Auditory & Visual Short-term Memories
  • Applications of the above in Clinical Situations


Prerequisites: LEAP BI 1, 2 & 3 (if possible) or LEAP FT 1-4 and BI 2 & 3.
LEAP teaches you how to access, format and work with Specific Learning dysfunction but requires you to utilise your repertoire of skills for correction.

Note: Please email Jacque if all BI 1-3 courses not attended for discussion of suitability to attend at


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This LEAP course is a fully accredited Category B Class with the Australian Kinesiology Association – Attendance 40 hours, Proficiency 72 hours and is accredited for either Kinesiology or up to 50% Anatomy and Physiology hours.




LEAP BI 4 – 5 days


Instructor: Jacque Mooney


Pre-recorded online – available now!

See separate registration form for pricing, payment and registration details.


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For more information, or to register your interest, please contact:


Australia/Asia: Jacque Mooney – Ph: 0419 336 586


USA/Canada: Tara Jensen – Ph: +1 (801) 755 1725




Strongly recommended to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of balancing: Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain (AP Brain Physiology), SIPS 1 and 7 Ch’i Keys (balancing 9 types of chakra imbalances with acupressure).

Please have handy your kinesiology support and correction material, including LEAP BI 1 & BI 2 or LEAP FT 1 handouts and scan diagrams.



* Do the Pre-LEAP Online Tutorial         


A Colourful Introduction to the Anatomy of the Human Brain by John P. J. Pinel, Maggie E. Edwards 264 pages. Available from Michael Wild at Equilibrium