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Energy Kinesiology 

Energy Kinesiology is a specialized type of Energy Work which uses muscle monitoring to find the ‘stress’ behind a problem and to identify ways to restore balance on multiple levels. The muscle monitoring of Energy Kinesiology is bio-feedback, a system of communication. Your body communicates energy imbalances; the cause of the imbalance; and the preferred method of balance. From there, the practitioner draws on a toolbox of training and experience to facilitate and support your body’s natural tendency toward health and well being.
The efficacy of kinesiology has been and continues to be proven through empirical scientific study as well as in the anecdotal reports of thousand of people who have benefited from the work.

We can help

* harmony within your physical body can be improved for better posture and function, increased flexibility, and relief from pain and chronic muscular tension

* integration of the brain can be measured and addressed, with improvement in learning dysfunctions present since birth or childhood and function after stroke or accident

* mind and heart are balanced, helping you manage life’s challenges

* muscle testing can monitor the effectiveness of herbs and supplements, as well as indicate intolerances and allergies

Energy Kinesiology is a scientifically proven, holistic Energy Work system for correcting body and brain dysfunctions by using muscle testing to identify harmful patterns including physical patterns, thoughts, feelings, emotions, cellular memory, and subconscious commands stored by our survival instincts.

Energy Kinesiology is consistently used throughout the world to improve learning ability, creativity and mind/body coordination as well as to help relieve emotional stress, trauma, physical pains and most ailments.

How does it work? Energy Kinesiology combines several physiological reflex systems from western science and the energetic systems from ancient Chinese theories of health and wholeness. From western knowledge come the physiological systems of neuro-lymphatic reflex points, neuro-vascular reflex points, nervous system reflexes, kinesiology and muscle/soft tissue manipulation. The Chinese meridian system maps the flow of energy and specific points which, when stimulated, are a catalyst for healing. Practitioners may be skilled with additional energy systems such as Chakras, Latifas, Figure 8s, Layers of Auras. Energy Kinesiology is a convergence of these systems which addresses the many dimensions of health and well being.