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Energy Work is a Holistic Therapy

We begin with the premise that the body is one interacting unit, a whole with many different parts, systems and functions that interconnect and act upon each other.  Everything we do has an effect on the body as a whole – not only our physical condition and nutritional habits, but our life-style and emotional and spiritual states impact us as well.  Each of these areas of our lives interacts with all the other elements, which means that a problem (or “stressor”) in one area will affect all of the others.

Energy Medicine (work?) Integrates physiological systems with the energetic systems of your body, mind, heart and spirit to bring you to balance in all dimensions.

A holistic model of wellness, it utilizes the balancing of the subtle energies of your being to bring you to a state of optimum health. There, your body’s innate tendency for wellness can be effective. There, you truly are your own healer.