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Stress Management

There’s an old saying, “The absence of stress is death.” Life is a journey, with constant companions of experiences of stress, great and small, along the way. When we experience stress, physiological changes occur in the body and the brain, and both must compensate to continue to function in daily life. This puts a strain on the body and the brain which further reduces the ability for you to be at your best. Sometimes these energies become stuck in the body, mind and brain, and at it’s worst, stress actually causes us to “switch off.”

All forms of Energy Work can help us to relieve stress and realize our fuller potential. Through Muscle Monitoring, Energy Kinesiology directly connects with the causes and effects of stress, both internal and external, weaving the story together. Then through Muscle Monitoring Energy Kinesiology finds the best way for your being to relieve the stress.  Practitioners are experienced in a variety of modalities to free up and balance your vital life force, helping you on your journey to well being.