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Understanding Energy

The Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese Qi and the Indian yogis call it Kundalini. It’s a dynamic force which is in constant flux that follows specific pathways, gathers in certain energy centers, and obeys specific rules. When we are healthy, the flow is strong, even, and smooth. When energy flows there is health and well-being.

When energy is out of balance (blocked, sluggish, depleted or overabundant), adaptive patterns are developed just to ‘keep us going’ which are inefficient – therefore requiring more energy than normal, and eventually this energy overwork can lead to sickness and disease.

We can learn to direct the flow and balance of energy in our bodies through things like chi kung and other similar practices. We can also engage a practitioner to assist us in this effort. Balancing your energy will affect every system of your physical body – muscles, organs, physiological systems, even your brain. Balancing your energy will affect you on every level – mind, body, emotion and spirit and lead to a healther way of be-ing in every way.