Allbrandt, Jill

Jill Allbrandt

Allbrandt, Jill

Professional Practitioner & Instructor



111 Park Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607





More Information

• Quantum Field Clearing

• Certified Instructor for Agape Quest Level 1

• Spiritual Evolution Classes Guide

• Applied Physiology Practitioner

• Touch For Health Certified Instructor

Quantum Field Clearing Practitioner

Applied Physiology, Stress Observation Specialist and Instructor of Agape Quest Level 1

Sign Language For The Soul

Switched On Network Marketing Instructor

Spiritual Evolution Guide

Brain Gym 101

Switched On Selling Instructor

Associates of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Oregon Institute of Technology


Appointments are 1-2 hours via phone or skype. Please schedule an appointment by calling (757-927-2979).

Appointment Fees

Please contact us for appointment fee information.

Jill’s perspective on Energy Kinesiology is that a major part of the work is clearing ourselves so that we are clearer channels of information from the body. With that clarity we become more able to access information from a greater source than ourselves to help our clients.  This clarity is part of Jill’s work in Spiritual Evolution, in that, this program gives people practical tools to grow spiritually and to follow their own path.