From Your President (Spring 2015)

Kathie GuhlHello Everyone,

Spring has sprung, the time has changed and we’re looking forward to exciting changes in EnKA.  Here are some highlights:

Conference 2015:

As you know, we’re having a series of Gatherings this year like we did in 2013.  But we’re adding a third venue in Salt Lake City to our usual East and West Coast Getherings.  Natalie Nehman is chairing in the East Coast, Joanie Smalley is heading up the West Coast, and Debbie Luke is taking on double duty as the chair of Salt Lake City and as the overall conference chair.  Thank you to all three of you for your hard work and dedication.  I hope you sign up while the Early Bird Special is still in effect – you have until March 31, so go online and register!  Please see this newsletter for more details and information on how to get the lowest possible price.


The board had the semi-annual face-to-face meeting this February in California.  We talked of things large and small, and came away with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.  The website is being replaced by a newer and more responsive program.  Thank you to Ron Wayman for spearheading that huge project and for keeping us on track.  The new website should be live later this spring or early summer, so keep tuned for further information.  The membership programs and applications are being updated, as is the accreditation application.  Our goal is to streamline the process of joining, renewing and getting classes approved.   Thank you to Norma Guzman and Elizabeth Beckham for working with the membership literature, and to Joanie Smalley and Debra Burchard for redoing the accreditation application.  The newsletter will remain in the capable hands of Cathy Layland and will still be as fun and informative we’ve come to expect.

Other Thoughts

Did you know that EnKA belongs to IASK, the International Association of Specialized Kinesiolgists?  As such, it allows you (as an EnKA ember in good standing) to join IASK for half price.  That’s only 40 euros per year to belong to an international association of like-minded people.  IASK invited me to a Leadership meeting in Lisbon, where there were 14 countries represented from four different continents.  The synergy of the group was palpable, and we spent an entire day talking about energy kinesiology in each of our countries, the general attitudes of the population, the laws and how we can help one another with special problems or projects.  We declared an International Energy Kinesiology Day – isn’t that fun??! – which will always be the third Saturday in March.  Kinesiologists from all over the world will open their doors for an open house on that day, creating energy and awareness throughout the globe.  It was exciting and encouraging to be with such a diverse group of people and to know that EnKA is an integral part of it.  Check them out at and consider joining.

-Kathie Guhl

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