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Your membership signals your commitment to your work and profession. You’ll connect with other practitioners, teachers and innovators of all types of Energy Kinesiology and Energy Work; have an inside track on accredited classes and paths of professional growth including pursuit of Certification; discounts on conferences, and a platform for tutorials and speakers; and contribute to increased public awareness of the profession and the work.

Membership Levels:

EnKA Membership

Additional OM Benefits:

  • Interface with other Energy Organizations to gain wider understanding of various branches’
  • Discuss areas of mutual interest and concert;
  • Unit as voice to increase public awareness
  • Unit as voice to influenct government regulation
  • Elect one OM member as representative to BOD
  • 20% referral fee for first year of paid dues for each new EnKA* member you refer
  • 10% referral fee for every non EnKA* member paid registration to conference

Organization Membership Requirents:

  • Curricula must contain at least one EnKA* CAB accredited Class
  • Certification Program to become Teacher
  • All courses must meet the Professional definition of Energy Kinesiology
  • Yearly Provide EnKA* membership flier & application to all members and teachers in its organization
  • On all OM communications: Disply EnKA Membership status and link to EnKA Web Site
  • Adopt EnKA* Code of Ethics, or privide copy of your Code of Ehtics, to be reviewed by EnKA* BOD
Teaching Energy Kinesiology

Your membership signals commitment to your work and to your profession.

Certification demonstrates your commitment to Continuing Education and Professional advancement.

Professional Insurance

EnKA requires every EnKA® member to have Individual Professional Liability insurance. This insurance will indemnify the practitioner from lawsuits for malpractice and/or any claim anyone may make regarding mistakes or injury to their clients.  It is the same insurance required by the landlord when a practitioner rents an office. It can be obtained from Associated Bodywork and Massage Professions or other insurance outlets at a very reasonable cost per year.