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Cathy Layland



Cathy Layland


Region of Practice

US – Pennsylvania


Northeast Pennsylvania: Greater Philadelphia Area, Lehigh Valley, Scranton/Wilkes Barre area


In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of yourself, and difficult to decide among the various practices available. Energy Kinesiology can help!
Creating Health and Well-Being
We all know the directives:

healthy eating
regular exercise
some sort of personal practice to relieve tension and stress
healing therapies to increase overall health and well being

A Healing Place (Cathy Layland) offers private sessions of Energy Kinesiology in North East Pennsylvania: the Greater Philadelphia area, the Lehigh Valley, and the Scranton/Willkes Barre Area, PA.
And there’s more! Your Energy Kinesiologist works with you in partnership to improve your health and WellBeing ( see specialties below).
In addition to Energy Kinesiology clinic, Cathy teaches private lessons, classes, workshops and retreats integrating the principles of Energy Kinesiology with the traditions of yoga, tai chi, chi kung and meditation.


Some specialties of practice you may experience in an appointment with Cathy.

• Touch for Health

• Carl Ferreri’s Neural Organization Technique

• Peter McLellan’s NeuroSpiritual Integration

• Ron Wayman’s Immune Systems

• Applied Physiology

• Charle’s Krebb’s LEAP Brain Integration Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program

• Hugo Tobar’s Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, Hormone Balance, and Immune Balance

A Healing Place
A  Healing Place offers personal practices & healing therapies that are good for you – body, mind, heart and spirit. Cathy specializes in Kinesiologies that address:

the physical body (structure and physiology);
the brain and central nervous system;
and personal and spiritual growth:

Touch for Health
Dr. Thei designed this simple protocol in order to teach it to lay persons as a preventative self-care tool to help themselves, their family and friends.Today there are thousands of practitioners around the world. Cathy had the good fortune of studying Touch for Health directly with Dr. Thei.
Applied Physiology
Richard Utt combined expertise in electrical technology and computer science, and his extensive studies of nutrition, herbs, Kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, Chinese medicine and acupuncture and Touch for Health produced entirely new thinking. Richard understood the electromagnetic nature of the body in ways others had never dreamed – and thoroughly tested his theories before bringing forth Applied Physiology. Cathy highly recommends Adam Lehman’s Agape classes, which are based on Richard Utt’s work!
Carl Ferreri’s Neural Organization Technique
Dr. Ferreri coalesced 40 years of experience in Chiropractic, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Cranio-Sacral Technique and Applied Kineseiololgy to develop a systems-oriented approach to create harmony in posture and physical function and relative neurology. Your source of stress is accessed to uncover how that stress disturbs and disorganizes you both physically and in the nervous system. Your body is designed to be self healing, self regulating and self perpetuating. Imbalanced response to physical or emotional stress disturbs these automatic functions. N.O.T. restores the balance for today and for life. Cathy studied N.O.T. directly with Peter McLellan, one of two Energy Kinesiologists whom Carl chose to carry on his teaching after his death.
Charle’s Krebb’s LEAP Brain Integration Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program
re-establishes disrupted synchronization of brain activity where function has been impaired due to stress or injury or was never fully developed in the first place. This dysfunction may be a Specific Learning Disorder, or, is often only situational. This protocol accesses the exact subconscious and conscious structures, pathways and functions that block the processes so that full integration and performance can be reestablished. Cathy studied LEAP with Ron Wayman and Charles Krebbs
Peter McLellan’s NeuroSpiritual Integration.
NSI work manifests changes on a more spiritual level of consciousness and energetic structure to create healing on all levels of being. Peter’s extensive studies and practices in Applied Kinesiology, enhanced by his personal experience and studies in Transpersonal Medicine, gave birth to this body of work. NSI reflects and supports the journey of the individual, opening possibilities and potentials along your path, providing insight and guidance to a fuller understanding of your true self. Cathy studied NSI directly with Peter McLellan.
Hugo Tobar’sNeuroenergetic Kinesiology
is now considered a major force in modern Kinesiology, with practitioners of his method all over the world. This work encompasses chakras, meridians, emotions and psychology as well as indepth areas of anatomy and physiology such as the immune system, biochemistry, endocrine system, primitive reflexes, structure, pathology and the nervous system. Cathy continues her studies at the American College of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology.
Hugo Tobar and Ron Wayman’s Immune Systems
Supporting your immune system is one of the most important thing you can do for your health and well being. These protocols address every part and process of the human immune system, balancing stress wherever it is found, so that your immune system can be at its best.

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