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EnKA Membership – Organization

$200.00 for 1 year

EnKA® offers the category of Organizational Member (OM). The association supports the synergy of all Kinesiology Organizations coming together for the common good of the profession.

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With a united voice, we can all work together to increase public awareness, raise and maintain a high level of professionalism for practitioners, teachers and organizations, and address government and legal issues of the day.


The OM must have a curriculum containing at least one EnKA® CAB accredited class.

The OM must have a certification program for students to be able to become teachers of the OM’s course(s).

The courses offered by the OM must meet the Professional definition of Energy Kinesiology.

The OM must be willing to mail, at its expense, EnKA® membership invitations to instructors of its courses and members of its organization located within the North America once per year. This mailing may be included within a regular mailing conducted by the OM.

The OM must facilitate the mailing of invitations to instructors and students/members of its organization to become EnKA® members. OM may include the flier in a regularly scheduled mailing, or, may provide their mailing list to EnKA®.

OMs may elect to adopt the EnKA code of ethics, or, the OM must provide, within 2 years of becoming an OM, a copy of its Code of Ethics, which the EnKA® Board of Directors must approve.

To apply for membership, submit an application to the membership committee along with annual dues of $200.


By interacting with other organizations, we all gain a wider understanding of the various branches of Kinesiology. Come together with other organizations to discuss areas of mutual interest and concern. Join with other organizations and practitioners to be part of a united voice to influence government policy which affects our profession and businesses.

Your organization can gain further recognition by making presentations at EnKA conferences and by publishing articles in the EnKA® Journal.

Select one OM to represent OMs on the EnKA® Board of Directors.

The EnKA® web site will list your Organization, as well as classes taught by your Organization.

You can reach new people by being a guest speaker for 1st Thursday program.

Spread the word of your work by advertising and publishing articles in the quarterly newsletter.

Receive a 20% referral fee from the first year of dues for each new EnKA® member you refer.

Refer non-EnKA® members to attend the conference, receive a 10% referral fee from their paid registration.

Advertise in EnKA® publications at a 20% discount.

Receive a 15% discount for exhibit table/booth space at conferences.

The OM Category shall have at least one seat on the Board of Directors, to join in planning the direction and working for the growth of the organization.The OM members shall elect, by majority vote and by secret ballot, the person who will represent the interests of all the OMs. In the event no person receives a majority vote then the Board of Directors will select the representative from one of the OMs.

When there are more than five OMs, there will be an additional seat on the Board of Directors for OM representation, for a total of two OM Board members.

The OMs elected representative(s) shall be active members of the Board and shall have one vote per representative.

OMs representative(s) may be elected as Officers of the Board of Directors provided they also have an individual membership with EnKA.

When there are two representatives, each representative will serve a 2 year staggered term.

In electing their Board Representative, OMs shall have one vote per organization and can only vote for the OM representative(s) to serve on the Board.

Non-elected OMs may attend any Board Meeting as an invited guest.