EnKA Membership - Professional

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EnKA Membership – Professional

$100.00 for 1 year

Qualify for Professional Membership and Certified Professional Membership status after completing 200 hours of qualified Kinesiology training, and enjoy all the benefits listed below.

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Professional members have attended at least 200 hours of qualified Kinesiology training, and must submit documentation of hours and/or a Certificate of Completion or a letter of certification from a Kinesiology Organization that meets the standards for (OM) Organizational Membership as defined by EnKA®, whether or not that organization is a member of the Association.


Your name on the web site List of Practitioners, with links to your e-mail and your web site.

Personal Web Page.

List your practice in the EnKA Membership Directory.

Get Published! free tutorial on how to get your writing published on the internet and in paper, a great way to help new clients find you! [Coming soon!]

Certificate of Membership proclaiming your Professional status.

Free subscription to the Quarterly Newsletter.

Opportunity to purchase discounted professional liability insurance.

Become a Speaker – A free tutorial on effective presentation skills, guidance on preparing a presentation, abstracts of topics, and hints on how to gain speaking spots. [Coming Soon!]

Professional documentation kit including a Bill of Rights.

Vote on EnKA business.

Run for election to the Board of Directors, Committee Chair, and/or serve on committees and project initiatives.

Free copy of Ann Holdway’s book, “The Wisdom Within.” [New Members]

Energy Kinesiology Association Conference Discounts.

Certified Professional Additional Benefits

Publicize as Certified Kinesiologist, EnKA®.

Free advertising of your classes listed on the web site, the monthly Class List update e-bulletin and the quarterly newsletter.

Opportunities to publish research/techniques in the Newsletter and Annual Conference Journal.

20% discount on advertising fees in the quarterly newsletter.

15% discount on fee for table/booth space at the Annual Conference exhibit space.

Certified Professional Members may be elected to an officer position on the Board of Directors.

Professional Members are Certified by EnKA®’s CAB.