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Published quarterly, our newsletters are chock-full of articles written by internationally known specialists of Energy Kinesiology and other complimentary medicines, marketing specialists, and people like you!  Quarterly Newsletter team: Cathy Layland.

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Monthly EnKA Class Listing Updates

About once a month, we update our list of classes offered ’round the world. Find the class you need for certification, a teacher you’ve been wanting to study with, what classes will be offered near to you in the near future. The list is available on the web site and is sent to members by e-bulletin about once per month, as well as being published in the EnKA® Quarterly Newsletter.

Class Listing

About once a month, the list of upcoming classes for the next three months is e-mailed to members. You can always check the complete list right here on the website.

Conference Updates

As the conference nears, and planning develops, we’ll send the news every couple of weeks to keep you updated and excited. For complete information, check the website page.

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