LEAP Brain Integration 1 - September 2018

LEAP is a way to open your clients to a new way of seeing and resolving stress in their lives! You will use the material from this course with every client you see!!


Mooney, Jacque
Professional Practitioner


September 19, 2018


September 23, 2018


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CAB Accredited , Class

Leap Brain Integration 1

This 5 day LEAP class teaches you how to access, format and work with Specific Learning dysfunction but requires you to utilize your repertoire of skills for correction.


• An introduction to Brain structure and function.

• Gestalt and Logic “Lead” functions.

• The Amygdala Fear/Pain Control Circuit (our Survival Circuits).

• Deep Survival Switching – the cause of delayed language development, Psychological Reversals and Conflicts.

• Blocked Corpus Callosum and other Commissural Pathways that can cause the loss of Brain Integration and affect our ability to resolve challenges rather than react to them.

• Hippocampus – seat of our short term memory and learning.

• Celestial Circuit – under stress, we sometime split off or dissociate so it can be difficult to locate imbalances.

Prerequisites: NK Principle of Kinesiology 1-4, or TFH1-4 and Meridian360 Gap Class

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